Friday, February 4, 2011

Le Canal en Octobre

Perhaps one of the more beautiful accordion videos on YouTube, even with the sub-pristine recording quality.  Below is Dominique Rivière playing a Frédéric Paris tune, "Le Canal en Octobre," from Paris' CD Rue de l'Oiseau.

Rivière is playing a chromatic button accordion, different from the type I play.  It's unisonorous, meaning that you get the same pitch on a button whether you're pushing or pulling the bellows.  This is as opposed to bisonorous, typical of diatonic accordions like mine, where you get a different pitch depending on the bellows direction.*  Rivière is a versatile musician, with his finger-style guitar and bouzouki work being just as intriguing as his accordion playing.

*Trust me, accordion geeks found those two previous sentences very meaningful.


  1. What a beautiful rendition of the tune. I enjoy the fact that while he "de-melodeonized" the tune, he gives it a different sense of breathing based on his own instrument.
    One of my favorite tunes -- I've been working on playing it! (Along with its "twin.")

  2. Replies
    1. This video had me considering a CBA in a very serious way. It is seductive.